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Month: October 2014

Bernie’s Clips

Here are a couple clips from over the weekend from our time at Bernie’s. It was a really fun night for us because we got to do a little different lineup. Erich, Eric and Hazy were unavailable so we brought along Sean Finnegan on the keys, Kevin Dumont on the sax and then had Khrys do double duty on vocals and percussion. Thanks to David Nathans from Phamily Audio for recording and posting these clips.

Angel From Montgomery


LOI at the Fur Peace Ranch

Hurl & The Spins

On Saturday, November 22nd, we’re going to be taking the stage with our good friend John Hurlbut, manager of the Fur Peace Ranch, as Hurl & The Spins at the Fur Peace Ranch! We’re very excited and grateful to get to play on such a prestigious stage. This is going to be the last show of the year at the Ranch and we’re very proud to say that legendary guitarist and owner of the Ranch Jorma Kaukonen will be part of the show! We got a chance to jam with him earlier this year and hopefully we’ll get to share the stage with him again. Certainly, he’ll be playing some solo numbers and some songs with John.

You can buy tickets online here. We’re already sold a bunch of them and it could sell out, so don’t wait too long!

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